Friday, June 2, 2023
Friday, June 2, 2023

ZuGo Rhino Vs. Super73 ZX: Which E-Bike Should You Choose For Your Adventures?

Today, thousands of people across the country are switching to e-bikes for a more environmentally-friendly form of transportation and a greater sense of adventure. There are tons of e-bike brands on the market, all of which price their bikes at thousands of dollars. 

Choosing the right e-bike is a difficult decision, so we’ve compared two of the leading bikes in the e-bike market: The ZuGo Rhino and the Super73 ZX, to help you decide:

General Stats 

ZuGo RhinoSuper73 ZXComments
Top Speed28 MPH28 MPH only in
unlimited mode
While both bikes offer high speeds, ZuGo does so without having to pay for any upgrades.
Seat Height32″31″
Weight Limit325 pounds325 pounds
Price$1999 with free
add ons
$2,195 with add
ons sold separately 
Both bikes are in the same price range. But add ons could take the Super73 ZX to upwards of $3000. Conversely, ZuGo bikes have $700 in free add ons. 


If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the nuts and bolts” of something, you know that mechanics matter. They represent the foundation of every e-bike. So, let’s see how the nuts and bolts of these bikes line up against each other.

ZuGo RhinoSuper73 ZXComments
Gearing7 – SpeedSingle-speed 16T rear cog /
Optional: 10-speed gearing
(11-36T) sold separately
ZuGo bikes come equipped with 7-speed gears. In contrast, the Super73 only has single-speed gears unless you want to pay extra. 
BrakesHydraulic Brakes –
Class Leading 2-Piston
stopping force
180/180mm rotors
Hydraulic brakes have superior modulation and stopping power relative to mechanical brakes. 
SuspensionYesNot AvailableBike suspensions help improve performance on rough terrains.  


If you’re looking for an e-bike, the features that matter most to you are electrical components. Let’s see how they compare when it comes to having state-of-the-art technology.

ZuGo RhinoSuper73 ZXComments
BatterySamsung Cells
Lithium Removable
Battery (1008 watt-
615 watt-hours, 18650
ZuGo batteries last longer and are more powerful.
Motor48V 750W Geared
Hub Motor
Class-1 Mode Output: 750 watts nominal /1200 watt peak 
Class-2 Mode Output: 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak( Default) 
Class-3 Mode Output: 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak 
Unlimited Mode Output: 750 watts nominal / 1350 watt peak
To match ZuGo’s motor power, Super73 requires you to pay extra to upgrade to their unlimited mode. 
ChargerAC 120V 2A Charger2A (6-7 hour charge time) 5A sold separately (2-3 hour charge time)ZuGo offers fast charging without paying anything on top of the base price. 
Headlight1200 Lumen HeadlightOptional accessory sold separatelyHeadlights are vital for biker safety and offer the chance for nighttime joyrides.


Part of the joy of owning an e-bike is loving how you look while riding it. Physical components can make a big difference in how you experience your ride while also offering the chance to personalize your bike to reflect who you are.

ZuGo RhinoSuper73 ZXComments
FramesAluminum Alloy 6061 Frame6061 / 7005 aluminum alloy, 1-1/8” to 1.5” tapered head tube
Weight65lbs with battery62.6 lb 
ColorsBlack, White, Red, PurpleMoon Rock, Storm GrayColor options add some flair and expression to your bike!
TiresAll-Terrain Fat Tires (20″ x 4″)Trooper Tires – Front 20×4″/ Rear:20×4″
LZRD Tires – Front 20×4″/ Rear:20×4′
Tires can make or break your riding experience, especially on difficult terrains.
Passenger Foot PegsYesNot AvailalbleAdventures are better when shared. ZuGo’s passenger footpegs make it possible. 

ZuGo Rhino Vs. Super73 ZX: The Bottom Line

Both e-bikes are constructed similarly in size, but the real difference lies in the details. ZuGo’s multiple gears, suspension, passenger pegs, superior brakes, and personalization options highlight the Rhino’s versatility. Whether you’re an extreme mountain biker, want a joyride to work, or want to bike with someone else, ZuGo offers flexibility and security you can’t get elsewhere. 

Although the Super73 ZX can match ZuGo in some respects, you’ll only be able to do so if you spend extra money. Super73 offers accessories such as headlights, chargers, and flexible gearing separately. In contrast, ZuGo Bike includes these features for free with every bike. The difference could amount to as much as $1000. 

The bottom line is that when you choose ZuGo, you can be confident you’re getting everything you need at a lesser price.

Cal Stephenson

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