Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Zero Flakes Given: My Go-To Hack For Dandruff And Dry Scalp Issues

I’ve always been self-conscious about my hair, well, my scalp – specifically, my super dry scalp and flakes. Because of this, meeting people – let alone dating – hasn’t been easy. For example, I recently went on a 3rd date and in the middle of dinner, I felt that all-too-familiar burning, itchy feeling start inching up my scalp. I tried to continue smiling and kept thinking, “Don’t scratch. Whatever you do, don’t scratch!”

But the next thing I knew, my hands were reaching up to scratch my scalp. As I watched a snow shower of dry, flaky white patches fall from my head and blanket my shoulders, I wanted to crawl into a hole from embarrassment. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, no matter how well I styled my hair, I always ended up in the same situation – flaky and upset. 

Of course, the “snow shower” I am referring to here is dandruff. And while it happens to a lot of us, people don’t talk about it enough and there aren’t many great solutions out there. Trust me, I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked for me; traditional drugstore anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners damage color-treated hair, smell gnarly, and are full of bad chemicals. I wanted something that provided results while nourishing my hair and making it smell nice too. But what I needed was to get to the root of the issue to be able to fix it once and for all. The thought of finding something that could deliver on both, well, it just didn’t exist. 

Then, I found Jupiter’s “Gotta Get” Set featuring their dandruff-fighting shampoo and colloidal oatmeal conditioner. It was unlike anything I had tried before. I noticed a significant difference in less than 2 weeks after using the products. Compared to traditional drugstore dandruff products, Jupiter is an elevated and clean solution. And fortunately for me, I found that it was exactly what I needed to help me manage my scalp issues and finally get them under control without compromising my routine.

What Causes Dandruff Or A Dry, Itchy Scalp?

After doing some research online, I discovered that scalp irritations like dandruff (aka “flaking”), along with a dry scalp, itching, or redness, are quite a bit like acne in that they are either genetic and/or can occur as a result of lifestyle factors. These lifestyle factors include stuff like the styling products you use, how often you wash your hair or the hardness of your water. Even your diet, your stress levels, the amount you sweat and how much pollution and humidity is in your climate can all contribute. Conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis all have their own much more complex root causes (no pun intended).

The Hero Ingredient That Fights Dandruff

I discovered that the hero ingredient in Jupiter’s shampoo that helps combat dandruff issues is Zinc Pyrithione (“ZPT” for short). Essentially, ZPT increases levels of copper on the scalp, which attack the scalp fungus (yeast) and stop it in its tracks. And once you get rid of that excess yeast that’s continuously feeding on the scalp’s oils, you get rid of the constant scalp irritation and the resulting dandruff, too.

And as it turns out, people who struggle with chronic dandruff tend to have low levels of zinc. It  makes sense then, that zinc would be part of the solution! The ZPT in Jupiter’s shampoo not only acts as an antifungal, it is also antibacterial and antimicrobial, helping to control microorganisms that can contribute to scalp irritation and an itchy, flaky scalp.

ZPT is present in many dandruff shampoos on the market. But as I did my research, I discovered that popular brands also tend to have a lot of less-than-desirable ingredients in their formulas that didn’t sit well with me.

One of those ingredients is a harsh surfactant known as sodium laureth sulfate (aka “sulfates”), which I learned is supposed to help cleanse the scalp but can also contribute to scalp dryness and the very scalp issues you’re trying to solve. It can also strip the hair of color, so for my color-treated hair, shampoos with this ingredient would not be an option for me.

I needed results without compromising on the ingredients or safety of the product and the health of my hair.

Jupiter’s shampoo, in contrast, is sulfate-free, vegan and safe for all hair types, even color-treated and chemically-treated hair! Plus, its relaxing fragrance of mint, vanilla, sage and lavender is all-natural and made without synthetic perfumes or dyes. So, I can be confident it won’t cause any scalp irritations and is good for my sensitive skin and scalp.

Packed With The Good Stuff

One of the things I love most about Jupiter’s shampoo is that it is packed with hair and scalp-loving ingredients that not only help treat or prevent dandruff, they also help contribute to a healthier scalp and hair overall. Plant-based ingredients like squalane, coconut oil and sea kelp extract provide intense moisture to help make the hair shiny and reduce breakage. In fact, the shampoo is proven to reduce hair breakage by 30%! 

I was such a fan of their shampoo that I knew I had to try the conditioner as well – the other half of their “Gotta Get” Set. Jupiter’s Nourishing Conditioner features probiotics, vitamins, and colloidal oatmeal. This hydrating conditioner is supposed to be applied directly to the hair and scalp (whoa!) to soothe the skin, while also helping moisturize the hair. This helps keep the scalp healthy by protecting its moisture barrier. Green tea extract helps promote healthy hair growth while pataua oil keeps hair strong and repairs split ends.

My Routine and Results

Now, let’s talk about my routine: my hair tends to be on the dry, less oily side, so I use the Balancing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner every other day, typically washing 3-4 times per week. 


I’m happy to report that after only a week of using the product, I began to see results. My hair immediately became less greasy and flaky. It’s now shiny, strong and – the best part – completely flake-free! My scalp is no longer constantly itchy and irritated. Instead of feeling embarrassed and like I need to hide due to dandruff, I get compliments all the time on my beautiful and healthy hair!

Jupiter makes it so easy to get the scalp care you need with a convenient subscription service that delivers the products right to your door at a cadence that works best for you. And even better, they offer a discount for all first-time customers and an additional discount on every order for subscription customers.

If you’re dealing with scalp irritation, dryness, itchiness or any other less than desirable  experiences that come with dandruff, you no longer have to suffer! Jupiter even offers a personalized quiz on their site so you can find the ideal products that will work best for you.

Jupiter’s hair products are also great for preventative use. After all, gorgeous hair starts with taking proper care of your scalp. So, Jupiter’s products could be a great complement to your hair routine whether you are currently dealing with dandruff and scalp issues or not!

If you’re like me – tired of hiding your hair and fighting embarrassing dandruff or other scalp issues – you need to try Jupiter. I am forever grateful that I found Jupiter and I know you will be too!

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