Saturday, May 14, 2022


How I Saved 20 Hours and $15,000 while Keeping My Ranch Safe


I have been a rancher for over 10 years, and by now, I have SPENT THOUSANDS OF HOURS DRIVING OUT TO CHECK UP ON MY LAND. My ranch is around 400 acres, and monitoring the property isn’t easy. Especially with no cell or internet service – I COULDN’T REACH ANYONE WHEN I WAS OUT THERE.

I constantly tried to find solutions to save time, but having a reliable solution is impossible when you can’t see the problem unless you make the drive out there.

The time I spent making sure the water and feed for my livestock was filled and safe was ENDLESS.
It got to the point where I was spending 20+ hours a week checking the water supply myself since I did not have eyes on all 400 acres.
I looked into all sorts of tools to figure this out but couldn’t seem to find anything worth the investment.

When I heard about Barn Owl

I visited a my buddy down the road, and I noticed he kept checking his water tanks from his phone. When I asked him about it, he explained that he was looking at near-real-time images and videos of his land and showed me his phone. I needed to know how this was possible, considering I couldn’t even get cell service on my ranch.
He was using Barn Owl, an advanced outdoor camera that takes high-resolution images and short videos wherever you place it and sends them directly to your phone. WHEN I SAW IT, I KNEW THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.
Once I invested in Barn Owl for my ranch, I never second guessed my purchase.
Not only could I install the technology myself, but the cameras also transmit photos and videos from any location to any device WITH multiple options for customizing triggers:
  • Command/Instant triggers: just by pressing a button, I can take a photo or video immediately of my property.
  • Motion triggers: I can adjust the motion sensitivity to optimize the trigger’s behavior based on the location.
  • Schedule triggers: I can set when I want a photo or video sent to my phone to get a quick look when I wake up in the morning.

The cameras’ cell reception is working amazingly well, even in the more remote areas.

I would recommend Barn Owl to anyone. After installation, my camera system sends images directly to my phone twice a day on schedule or at any time with my command.
BARN OWL HAS PROVIDED ME THE ABILITY TO SEE ALL OF MY TANKS WITHIN MINUTES, from anywhere, on my phone, keeping myself and my livestock healthy.

It’s like having an extra Ranch Hand

We utilize solar and electric pumps to supply water, so running out is guaranteed if we don’t keep an eye on our tanks. Now we can see the problem as soon as it happens. Driving out is easier than ever now that we know what we will find.
We are making repairs faster than ever, which means our cattle are safe and sound.
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By my count, Barn Owl has saved me 15-20 hours per week. Wasting time checking supplies in person is no longer a problem. I can focus on other repairs that need to be done and, more importantly spend a bit more time with my family.

IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS I MADE BACK THE INVESTMENT I PUT INTO THE CAMERAS through savings in time, labor, and fuel.

Plus, the camera system is like having ranch hand in the field 24/7, something that was always impossible to afford.

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