Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

Top 6 Things From Blvck Paris You Need For The Ultimate in Minimalist Luxury Chic

Master the effortless cool of a black, monochromatic lifestyle


The minimalist luxury lifestyle brand Blvck Paris wants you to embrace your dark side. In 2017, web designer and entrepreneur Julian O’hayon started the Blvck Paris brand. Throughout his many projects designing websites for clients, he focused his aesthetic on minimalist and functional design. The style became his signature and later inspired him to build his fashion and lifestyle brand based on this aesthetic.

O’hayon would also celebrate his approach to a monochrome chic lifestyle on his Instagram account @anckor. Obsessed with the color black, he explains how he would exemplify his aesthetic by ‘blvcking out’ everyday items in the images of his posts. Each post is striking in its confident darkness, from bold and black Teslas to shaded-in McDonald’s meals. After his Instagram channel went viral on social media, O’hayon began to amass a large and passionate following of fans who were also infatuated with the color black and the effortless cool of the monochromatic, minimalist lifestyle.

O’hayon translated the essence of his minimalist aesthetic into his uber-chic streetwear and lifestyle brand, Blvck Paris. As a designer lifestyle brand for both men and women, Blvck Paris reinvents the meaning of streetwear with its quiet sophistication, luxurious feel and high-quality materials.

And now you too can take home a piece of minimalist luxury with Blvck Paris. Here are the top 6 things you need to master the black monochrome lifestyle and live life in….black.

A classic style takes on a new boldness in the color black. The Blvck Bucket Hat features an embroidered Blvck Paris logo to add an element of minimalist black luxury to every look with a lightweight, comfortable fit.

Meet the Essential Hoodie 2.0, a best-selling hoodie enhanced by the Blvck Paris logo that perfectly captures the essence of minimalist streetwear. 100% terry cotton creates a luxuriously soft feel to ‘blvck out’ any everyday outfit.

A quintessential monochromatic piece to add to your streetwear style, the Blvck Tokyo pants instantly upgrade your casual look. Part of the BLVCK04 Collection, these luxurious pants are emblazoned with the iconic Blvck Paris logo above the front pocket and feature an elastic waist with two large pockets.

Live your best ‘blvck out’ chic lifestyle with the Blvck Snake Tumbler. This limited edition tumbler features premium, soft-touch, matte black packaging with an insulated stainless steel design that keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours. A striking graphic of a metallic snake adds the finishing touch with its effortless, bold and black finish.

Elevate your note-taking style with the luxe minimalism of the Blvck Notebook with Pen. This premium-quality, hardback notebook epitomizes monochromatic chic with its soft-touch, matte black finish, and lustrous Blvck Paris logo. The Blvck Notebook with Pen features 128 matte black pages with a built-in bookmark and includes a pen in silver or gold gel so you can start using the notebook immediately.

The Blvck Slides take casual, comfy-chic to a new meaning of minimalist luxe. Part of the BLVCK01 Collection, these ultra-comfortable and durable slides are the ideal accessory to finish your effortless cool loungewear, casual wear, or swimwear look. And with their signature logo and glossy black finish, they easily epitomize the unapologetically bold, ‘blvck out’ style.

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