Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

Here’s Why I Started Giving Hiya’s Daily Probiotic to My Kid

It all started with frequent tummy aches.

My daughter had been complaining that her stomach was bothering her, leading to cramps, constipation, extra smelly poos, and more. At first I thought it would end quickly, yet the issues kept coming. So I started doing my research and was shocked when I learned what was really going on with her tummy.

It turns out the brain isn’t all that controls kids’ bodies – so much starts with the gut. And apparently, although the gut is filled with 100 million types of bacteria, not all bacteria is bad. In fact, some bacteria is essential and helps the body solve problems –and that good bacteria is called probiotics.  Experts have only recently begun exploring the benefits of probiotics, and nowadays many experts suggest that kids take a daily probiotic to help them maintain digestive health and overall wellness.

But then I started to read more – if kids are supposed to take a daily probiotic, you’ve gotta find the right one. Yet so many probiotics are made for adults, not kids, and seem to have questionable ingredients I’ve learned to be skeptical of.  And that’s when I found Hiya’s Daily Probiotic – made exclusively for kids – and I am so glad I did!

As I read more about Hiya, I learned how the right kind of probiotic is especially helpful after the gut has been disrupted, such as after taking antibiotics, eating lots of processed foods, and more.

And that’s when a light bulb went off in my head!

My daughter had an earache a while back. She was taking antibiotics for some time – and on top of that, she’s not the healthiest of eaters – likely eliminating a lot of healthy gut bacteria. This is how I knew an unbalanced microbiome was likely the culprit of her stomach issues!

And, of course, since kids don’t typically love eating foods high in probiotics – kimchi, sauerkraut, etc. (I know my daughter doesn’t!) – I knew I would have to look into supplements for her to get the probiotics she needed.

Then I found Hiya’s Daily Probiotic and fell in love. Hiya is supercharged with 10 billion live cultures from multiple strains, which is an amazing number for kids, and individually selected for growing kids, not an adult product with a kid’s line slapped on.

And here’s the good stuff – these probiotics are known to support childhood immunity (huge!), prevent infections and illnesses, and optimize gut health and nutrient absorption. Plus, since it helps support the gut’s health, it can be key to preventing and relieving so many stomach-related issues like diarrhea, constipation, gas, stomach pain, and cramping. And overall these probiotics help support overall good health – which is so important for growing kids, especially those who get sick often.

As I continued my research to learn more about probiotics, I discovered the dirty secret behind other brands. They’re typically sold in stores and designed to sit on a store shelf – which means that by the time these probiotics enter the body, the probiotic strains might be dead. Probiotics need to be live cultures to deliver their benefits, and that often doesn’t happen when you’re sitting on a store shelf for months.

Hiya’s Daily Probiotic, on the other hand, arrives at your door on a pediatrician-recommended schedule in a refillable bottle your kids can decorate with stickers they send, followed by eco-friendly plastic-free refill pouches. So, I never have to worry about the freshness of the probiotics and can be confident that she is always getting an active, live strain – not dead probiotics. And my daughter loves personalizing her bottle with stickers. So, it encourages her to take care of her body while teaching her smart habits to care for the environment.

And perhaps most importantly,  many other brands’ probiotics are gummies filled with added sugar, dyes, and gummy junk that can contribute to cavities. Not only do kids get more than enough sugar elsewhere, but sadly these additives can help kill the live cultures.

Which means with added sugar and fillers, other brands’ probiotics can end up no better than a piece of candy! 

On the other hand, Hiya Daily Probiotic is naturally sweetened with ZERO added sugar. And kids absolutely love the taste.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the amazing benefits of Hiya’s Daily Probiotic:

Formulated by Pediatricians – Trusted and formulated by pediatricians who are experts when it comes to determining safe dosages for kids.

No Added Sugar or Fillers – It contains no gummy junk, zero added sugar and no unnecessary extra ingredients.

Vegan and Gluten-free– Hiya Daily Probiotic is safe for children with gluten sensitivity. 

Tastes Amazing – Kids absolutely love the taste.

Dairy-free – Worry-free and gentle on even the most sensitive of tummies since it is entirely dairy-free.

Hiya has been getting rave reviews from parents everywhere for its high-quality and affordable pricing. With no shipping fee, it really is the best way to get your child what they need without breaking your budget.

I am so thankful I found Hiya! And my daughter – who is now happy and free of stomach pain is too!

Toni Edwards

Toni Edwards (39) is an Editor for The Daily Post specializing in Fitness, Health, Fashion, and Parenting with a focus on women's wellness. She's ghostwritten several books for people you've heard of and has edited for a variety of academic journals. She fiercely believes in the power of holistic medicine and a good laugh.

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