Thursday, June 30, 2022

You Might Be Exercising Too Hard, Here’s Why

“Everything in moderation,” and this adage even applies to exercise. Whether you’re sleeping, eating, or drinking, doing it too much provokes unwanted consequences on your physical and mental health. The rule also applies to exercising too hard.

There’s nothing wrong with being motivated to improve your body, but one of the most important rules of exercise is to maintain a healthy pace. Fitness isn’t a process you can rush while maintaining a healthy balance. Learn to recognize your limits and gradually push past them.

Symptoms of Exercising Too Hard

Symptoms of overworking your body are obvious when you know what to look for, and we’ve listed several below. If you experience any of these signs, consider pacing yourself:

Excessive Soreness

Sore limbs are generally a sign of a job well done. It can feel good knowing you put everything you had into a workout, but if that soreness lasts longer than a day or two, pay attention. It might be a sign that you have pushed your body to a point it couldn’t handle.

Sharp Pains

More focused, sharper pains in a particular area usually means you’ve overexerted that muscle group.

Frequent Sickness

This one might seem counterintuitive because exercise does work to improve your immune system. Over-exercise has the opposite effect, though. Exercising too hard weakens the system because you’re not allowing your body any time to heal.

Failing at Exercises

When you fail at a new exercise that you should be able to master after graduating from previous levels, it may be a sign that your body needs to rest. If you are unable to do routines you previously could or begin afresh, your body is probably crying out for a break (and you should listen to it).

Take it Slow

While exercising, keep in mind that you don’t have to rush. Being impatient for results and doing more than your body is capable of will only lead to a serious injury.

With dedication, you will eventually see results.

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