Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

The 3 Summertime Activities That Make The Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 Worth Buying

1. Sleeping
My summertime insomnia was BRUTAL.

Obviously, I’m not going to run central air conditioning while I’m out all day, so by the time I’m home, my bedroom is an actual sauna. Even after running the AC for a few hours, and kicking off all the blankets and sheets, I’m way too hot to sleep peacefully.

What’s even worse is that central AC blows the driest air imaginable, so by the time I get cool, my sinuses are irritated, and breathing is difficult.

This Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 has been the ONLY solution that works. It blows cool air all night long, it barely creates any energy-expense, it humidifies the air to avoid irritation, AND it makes a fraction of the noise that central AC creates.

2. Camping & Beach Trips

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Anytime I find myself packing drinks into a cooler, I make sure to throw my Arctic Air in too! Whether it’s a beach trip, baseball game, picnic, or pool party, I find myself reaching for a cold drink, and gleefully remembering that I also have a stash of ice cold air ready to use. It’s a cool breeze you can literally take anywhere because it can run off a portable power bank.

The Arctic Air is also perfectly space efficient! If you fill it up with ice, and pack it in your cooler, you’ll simultaneously keep your drinks extra icy AND make sure the device is maximally cold when you need it.

3. Lounging with Sadie


I’d be lying if I said I was Arctic Air’s #1 fan, because that position is clearly taken by my beautiful golden retriever.

Sadie LOVES playing outside and chasing everything; bugs, birds, squirrels, me, and sometimes nothing at all! But I’m always worried that she’s going to overheat on a hot July day.

Now, anytime we go out to play, I setup my Arctic Air on the floor right next to her water bowl. After an energetic game of fetch, she loves taking a sip of water, and plopping down in front of the cool air until she’s ready to play some more!

When I saw this little device on TikTok, I honestly didn’t expect to get so much use out of it, but now I can confidently say it’s my favorite summertime gadget of all time!

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