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I Haven’t Bought a Mother’s Day Gift In 3 Years. My Mom’s Never Been Happier.

I remember how frustrating it was trying to find a good Mother’s Day present. 

Whenever I’d go shopping for her gift, I’d see those “gift recommendation” pages that weren’t any help. They’d suggest chocolates or a gadget she’ll never use or some tacky decoration, but I knew she wouldn’t like any of that stuff. But I couldn’t just skip Mother’s Day, that would break her heart.

I wanted to get her the best gift possible.

To find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I started reading tons of magazines. They all say the same thing, I’m sure you’ve read it: you can never go wrong with flowers. The beauty and fresh smell of roses, tulips, carnations, lilies, peonies and others can make someone so happy and instantly brighten their day. One quick trip to my local florist or supermarket would make it easy to give my Mom a present she’d love.

Normal flowers only last a couple weeks

Any bouquet I used to buy would wilt and die too fast. Until I saw an article in the Hollywood Reporter about La Fleur Bouquets. These flowers actually last years, not weeks. They have this unique approach which preserves the freshness, look, and smell of flowers, which means your Mother’s Day gift actually lasts for years. I guess that’s why Chrissy Tiegen and Jessica Alba loved them so much!
I used the La Fleur Bouquets Mother’s Day Gift Guide to choose between their beautiful selection. They have hundreds of color varieties and arrangements that are perfect for any mom. I got my mom the Super Petit in Violet (her favorite color), and she absolutely fell in love with them.

How do La Fleur Bouquets last so long?

La Fleur Bouquets roses last much longer than flowers you get from a supermarket or florist because they’re handpicked from Ecuador. They apply a special process that keeps them at the peak of their bloom and make it so they last up to a year without any water. La Fleur Bouquets flower arrangements have as much as 66% more petals per bloom, so you get the stunning look of flowers you always see on film and television. 

I was delighted to give these to my Mom, and she surprised me by saying I didn’t need to get her anything until these flowers died. You know what happened next: three years later and my La Fleur Bouquets gift are still blooming beautifully in her kitchen windowsill. Good thing, I checked the recent Mother’s Day Gift Guide from La Fleur Bouquets and a lot of them are almost sold out already.

The amazing value of La Fleur Bouquets

Right now La Fleur Bouquets is offering 15% OFF if you use code MOM21, and if you order soon you’ll get these amazing flowers just in time for Mother’s Day. La Fleur Bouquets also has an option to use afterpay, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it all upfront; it’s like buying her a Mother’s Day gift for the next three years in advance. The flowers come in gorgeous, handcrafted packaging that shows your mom how special she really is to you. They also offer great shipping options to make sure you get the gifts in time to give to her for Mother’s Day.

My Mom has never been happier with a Mother’s Day gift. An arrangement from La Fleur Bouquets has literally brought my mother years of joy, and it’ll do the same for your mom too!

Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen (34) is a Staff Writer for The Daily Post covering Healthy, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness. In her spare time, she trains for her next marathon and plays with her dog Pico. She enjoys a nice glass of pinot noir and plays tabletop games with her friends.

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