Saturday, October 16, 2021

Why I Tried This Yoni Health Trend & Why You Should Too

I had heard of yoni pearls and other holistic feminine health products, but I had never really thought to give it a try. All I knew was that I wasn’t comfortable putting synthetic products and harsh chemicals from the pharmacist inside my body. I saw a ton of influencers mentioning “Yoni Care” from Femme Detox and all the wonderful benefits, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I wanted to take charge of my feminine health

We all know how important feminine hygiene is. I was constantly reminded of potential infections and off balances in my Yoni but did not know what to do or where to start.

After reading up on Yoni Pearls I realized that 1000’s of women have boosted their confidence after using these pearls. On top of that, they have been used by women for centuries to help improve a variety of conditions and help maintain a healthy pH environment for the yoni.

It tightens your V!

This was by far the most appealing benefit! I was curious how a little pearl could help tighten your Yoni, but it does! After reading 1000’s of reviews on Femme Detox’s website. I knew that this had to work. 

These little pearls are magic. My man noticed a difference instantly, and I had to let him in on the secret. The Yoni Pearls had tightened my V by using all-natural ingredients to promote the strengthening of the muscles inside my Yoni. 

No More Odor!

You will not believe the difference the pearls make for odor! I started noticing a huge change after less than two days. You would not believe the amount of discharge that was purged from my body.

After this purge was over, I noticed a significant change in the odor. It was almost nonexistent! Femme Detox really helped boost my self-confidence.  

Helps with multiple Yoni-related conditions

The purge not only helps with odor but with many feminine health conditions including BV, yeast infections, etc.

It works by removing all the toxins that have built up in the uterus and cleansing the Yoni of any bacteria that have built up over time. This is huge for women like myself who suffer from chronic BV. 

Self Care = Yoni Care

I quickly realized that Yoni Care needed to be a part of my regular self-care routine. Most women don’t know that you need to detox your Yoni from many toxins. For example, poor hygiene practices, other feminine products, or even past intimate partners. Yoni care is self-care, and these pearls will help you get back to feeling your best.

For only $12.99 and 3 pearls, you can begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. This has been one of the most confidence-boosting self-care practices I have ever done. Thank you Femme Detox!

Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen (34) is a Staff Writer for The Daily Post covering Healthy, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness. In her spare time, she trains for her next marathon and plays with her dog Pico. She enjoys a nice glass of pinot noir and plays tabletop games with her friends.

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