Saturday, October 16, 2021

Someone Told Me My Yoni Smelled, I Was So Embarrassed

Recently, I had my partner tell me that something did not smell right down there. I was so painfully embarrassed I did not know what to say or how to act. All I knew was that I had to fix this problem ASAP. 

I went to the doctor, and they told me that everything was normal, but I was still convinced that I had a fishy smell coming from my yoni. I felt hopeless, not even the doctor could help me. 

I tried numerous brand-named washes and soaps from the supermarket, but honestly, they just made things worse. They were supposed to balance my pH and help will the smell, but I could tell that using them so often was leaving my pH super unbalanced and creating more problems for myself, like my yoni being super dry and irritated!

So, I googled what to do about this embarrassing smell! That’s when I came across Femme Detox, an all-natural feminine health brand. They had a product called the V-Odorizer, I saw the name and knew I had to at least give it a try, my sex life was on the line. 

I was so relieved, after one use I had absolutely no odor. I was happily confused, I kept checking to see if I had a smell, but nothing. In fact, I smelled quite pleasant almost like roses. It sounds cheesy, I know, but my vag literally smelled like roses.  

I started spraying this stuff right before sex every time, and I never heard another complaint from my man. I even asked a few times, “Are you sure the smell is gone?” He agreed, saying that I smelled better than ever.

On top of that, the V-Odorizer is made will ALL-NATURAL ingredients. I had no harsh chemicals on my yoni, and I started noticing that my pH balance was returning to normal. I was smelling better and no longer dry and itchy. The best part is I would only need to spray it once a day. The smell lasted hours. I was finely returning to a more comfortable, confident relationship with my yoni.

I had spent hundreds of dollars trying to solve this problem, visiting doctors, buying tons of products, etc. But this V-Odorizer has worked better than anything else, and it’s a fraction of the price, only $17.99 plus it lasts forever! One spray a day keeps your yoni in play!  

Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen (34) is a Staff Writer for The Daily Post covering Healthy, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness. In her spare time, she trains for her next marathon and plays with her dog Pico. She enjoys a nice glass of pinot noir and plays tabletop games with her friends.

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