Saturday, August 13, 2022
Saturday, August 13, 2022

Parents everywhere are ditching gummy vitamins and switching to Hiya. Is Hiya worth the hype?

As a mom, I am constantly frustrated with trying to get my kids to eat the right food. They never want to eat their veggies, especially five servings per day, so I know they are missing out on important nutrients. I was speaking to some of my friends who are also parents, and they were telling me to switch my kids off of their gummy vitamins and give them Hiya instead.

First, I was concerned. My kids barely eat anything not sugar-filled and sweet, so how am I going to get them to take a sugar-free version? However, the hype around Hiya was crazy, so I started to do some research on other vitamins and made comparisons. The more I learned the more I was absolutely shocked. I found out that these delicious gummy vitamins I’ve been feeding my kids are basically sugar bombs designed to look like a health product.

The truth behind gummies!

In other words, despite my best efforts, I was feeding them candy disguised as a vitamin.

Let me break down for you what I found:

Key Similarities

  • Made for kids

  • Most are free from allergens

  • Most contain a variety of vitamins and minerals

That’s about it – here are the differences:

Key Differences:

  • Hiya includes ZERO grams of sugar compared to the other leading brands that can include up to five grams per serving — which equates to four POUNDS of sugar per year…just from a children’s vitamin;

  • ONE vitamin is enough – I didn’t even know I was supposed to feed my kid up to 4 gummies a day;

  • Hiya contains NO GUMMY junk that can, unfortunately, contribute to cavities in kids.

  • Hiya includes a blend of  TWELVE ORGANIC fruits and vegetables.

  • Hiya is CLEAN. There are no typical preservatives, dyes, and gummy junk.

  • Hiya is FUN and teaches good health habits. It arrives with a refillable glass bottle your kids can decorate with stickers they send — which allows your child to associate taking vitamins with a fun habit.
A happy and well-nourished kid with his decorated hiya bottle

**Here is a chart to better explain the hype behind Hiya – we also highly recommend reading your vitamin’s nutritional label carefully to see what other ingredients in addition to vitamins each brand contains


Hiya was created by two dads, Darren Litt and Adam Gillman, who realized that the existing options for children’s vitamins were all nutritionally inadequate and more akin to candy in disguise, contributing to the very health problems they were meant to solve.

Darren Litt and Adam Gillman, hiya creators

They were stunned to find that a typical kid’s vitamin contained as much sugar as an Oreo cookie. So they spent years bringing together a team of leading pediatricians and nutritionists to formulate a better vitamin — with zero added sugar and zero gummy junk — that they could feel great about giving to their own kids.

Hiya multivitamin is supercharged with 15 essential vitamins, each carefully chosen to support your child during their critical years of development. That means 15 vitamins known to support development, immunity, cognition, concentration, and more.

Hiya is then pressed into one daily vitamin with zero gelatin and zero pectins, which unfortunately tend to get stuck in children’s teeth and can contribute to cavities. Instead of added sugar, Hiya is sweetened naturally, including monk fruit, a fascinating superfruit 100x sweeter than sugar with a taste kids love.

The vitamins are sent monthly as part of their pediatrician-recommended delivery schedule. They are designed to teach your children healthy habits, care for the environment, and, most importantly, keep your children’s immune systems strong.


It’s important to compare Hiya against the other options on the market to see why Hiya is so great. SmartyPants Kids Formula is specially formulated based on the latest scientific research to fill average nutrient gaps in the average kid’s diet and includes the premium forms of nutrients. So, you know that your kids are getting the nutrients their bodies need in forms that will be used in a gummy they’ll enjoy taking day after day. It is free of the 8 most common allergens and has no bones about it.

It’s made with quality ingredients, no synthetic colors, and no artificial sweeteners, and is instead sweetened with added sugar.

Yet SmartyPants requires four gummies per day and a ton of added sugar. It’s also designed for a retail environment and optimized to last on a store shelf, which means you get a plastic bottle designed to hold your gummy vitamins.

L’il Critters

L’il Critters vitamins are bear-shaped and gummy tasting with kids in mind. This is the essence of candy in disguise. They contain 11 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, they come in three flavors and are completely vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

L’il Critters is formulated to provide nutrients to children in a tasty, fun manner and is quite cost-efficient at that. The jars come with 300 gummies, and 2 a day are required. Leaving you with 150 days of vitamin support, however, since these are also designed for a retail environment the gummies are made with preservatives in order to keep them fresh for longer than 150 days.


Olly’s Kid’s Multi + Probiotics are made by science-backed experts who created a gummy vitamin that is tasty and provides essential vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics. Kids need to take 2 a day to ensure optimal intake of the vitamins and probiotics. They are also made from gummy junk that gets stuck to teeth and leads to cavities in kids.

Olly’s vitamins are free of artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and colors. Also, Olly does not contain any of the 8 major allergens. It is a safe option for most and they can be found in stores and online.

One a Day Kids

One a Day Kid’s vitamins come in many different shapes and sizes, such as Trolls characters and Dragons. They are a gummy vitamin that supports bone, eye, and immune system health. They are free of shellfish allergens and artificial sweeteners and coloring.

These vitamins are a fun option for kids that contain 9 essential vitamins and minerals.

One a Day Kids come in a plastic bottle with 180 gummies. It is designed to be sold in most major supermarkets to last on the shelf for a long period of time leading to environmentally un-friendly plastic bottles.

Final Note:

While there are similarities, Hiya is definitely the winner. Hiya is made without any gummy additives, preservatives, or animal by-products, and they contain ZERO added sugar, while other brands contain up to 5 grams (!!) of added sugar made it an easy choice.

Unfortunately for kids, sugar-filled gummy vitamins tend to get stuck between teeth and can contribute to cavities, which is why a form like Hiya is considered by many to be a better delivery mechanism for children’s health. 

Hiya gets extra points for also being vegan, dairy free, allergen free, gluten free, and zero plastic with its refillable bottle and despite zero sugar, kids love how it tastes and I love the wholesome ingredients

*Although usually kids don’t excess intake of nutrients we do recommend consulting your pediatrician or any other healthcare professional before giving your child multivitamins.


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Real Reviews From Real Hiya Customers:


“My 5 year old loves them and asks for them every morning! I feel good about it including a blend of organic fruits and veggies and I love that the refills don’t include plastic bottles. It’s also really nice that she only has to take one a day — which makes my life so much easier!” – Mandi B.


“I am a firm believer in supplements (vitamins) so when my daughter started to get a little picky with her food and eating almost no veggies, I decided it was time to find a kids vitamin for her. I have bought a few brands of vitamins and with each one, I noticed how it seemed as if she just ate a bowl full of candy. She was bouncing off the walls and she became moody. So after I noticed this, I just decided to stop giving her a daily vitamin. When I first saw an ad for Hiya, I was really excited that it was made with no added sugars and I had to try it. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I am completely in love with the brand, as is my daughter. Every morning she is just so excited to eat her vitamin for the day! I also have peace of mind knowing she is getting her essential vitamins to keep her healthy-especially during these times.” – Amanda K.


“So glad these are as kid-pleasing as advertised. I was very skeptical that my kids would go for these but they totally love them! I’m so happy to give them a single chewable that still has all the forms of vitamins that I prefer for them. Plus they were SO EXCITED about the special yellow bottles and the stickers to decorate them.” – Grace M.


“First of all, having children with allergies creates a struggle in finding food and supplements that are safe. Until Hiya, I could not find a multivitamin that my son could take! Not only do I love the ingredients but my children actually ask me to take their vitamins every day! Thank you Hiya!!!” – Rebekah B.


“My kids absolutely love these- they were a huge hit right off the bat with them being able to decorate their bottles. I am pleased they don’t have artificial ingredients or sugars and dyes and they are thrilled that they get stickers and yummy vitamins. And they taste GREAT. Win, win :)” – Jessica D.