Saturday, May 14, 2022

Improve Your Stamina In One Week.

Most of us associate stamina with how long we can keep up with strenuous activity, but the idea goes far beyond this. Stamina keeps us from losing focus or becoming fatigued by mental tasks as well, so taking steps to improve stamina can yield dividends in every facet of your life. Here are three simple ways to increase stamina in just one week.

Start with the Mind

Stress saps your focus and energy, so finding ways to cope with stress and relax is an excellent way to start building stamina. Searching for ways to reduce your usual stressors is key to long-term success, but you will always benefit from developing coping strategies and making them habits.

Mileage may vary per individual, but meditation and yoga have been proven effective by multiple studies and make a good starting point. Music, whether you’re listening or playing, is another near-universal means of reducing stress and its effects on the body. Combine music with our next tip for double the impact.

Get Moving

It might seem counterproductive if you are already feeling worn down, but exercise is one of the most effective means of building and maintaining stamina. Our bodies are designed to walk and run for miles each day to dig, forage and hunt, or to carry loads rather than sit at desks.

A sedentary life leads to more than weight gain. Studies show regular exercise goes beyond burning calories to build and maintain muscle. It improves the immune system’s function, increases cognitive function, improves sleep quality, and helps build focus overall.

Use the Right Fuel

You wouldn’t put AA batteries in your vehicle’s fuel tank and expect it to run, so why are so many of us surprised by a lack of stamina after demanding our bodies run on subpar fuel? We need a balance of high-quality carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean protein along with essential vitamins and minerals for our bodies to function.

Avoid prepackaged, nutritionally deficient foods and fad diets. Instead, stick to lean meats or plant-based proteins, sufficient hydration, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients your body needs to perform at its best and keep you going all day.

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