Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

I Used To Suffer From Chronic Bloating. Here’s How I Naturally Reversed It.

About a year ago I started a new “lifestyle change” which included a diet full of veggies and whole foods. I noticed a change in my overall wellness after just a few weeks- but I was still suffering from some nagging digestive issues. A plant-based diet and veganism were appealing to me, so I even tried that, without much relief. I thought, “with such a healthy lifestyle, why do I feel so bloated?”

Bloating, indigestion and inflammation were daily obstacles I was facing so I decided to find some support for my digestive system in order to continue my vegan diet.


I took to the internet to find out why this could be happening, and what I could do about it. That’s when I found out the importance of digestive enzymes and their role in how we process meals. Digestive enzymes are made in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract which help break down various components of food including carbohydrates, plants, protein, and even milk! A lack of enzymes can lead to indigestion and bloating which can wreak havoc on the body, as it did for me.

I started to consider taking a digestive enzyme blend that can help me process larger meals and just help with nutrient absorption in general. I discovered Klora’s Vegan enzyme formula Bloat-Digest which was developed specifically for people with bloating and indigestion issues. What I liked most about their supplement was that all the enzymes are from plant sources, they are vegan-friendly, third-party tested, and don’t use any synthetic fillers.

After a few weeks of dosing the enzymes with my meals, I noticed a HUGE reduction in my bloating and discomfort. A little bonus was that I had more energy throughout the day probably because my body was so taxed working through inflammation and indigestion for so long.

Thanks to Klora, I can continue my vegan diet and focus more on my fitness goals instead of worrying about food!


Anita Quinn

Anita Quinn (31) is a Staff Writer for The Daily Post focusing on Beauty, Fashion, and Health. Her extensive traveling for various environmental and wildlife conservation groups has taken her to 24 countries and 37 U.S. states. The three things she packs for every trip are: a good mystery novel, a moisturizer with a high SPF, and her mother's old camera.

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