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Does my kid REALLY need a multivitamin? We break it down

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Pediatricians everywhere often talk about multivitamins for kids, so as a parent, now you’re wondering, “Does my child need one too?”

Well, the short answer is…maybe, depending on a number of factors.

So before we get into these different factors that parents need to know, let us start with the bigger question– DO MULTIVITAMINS FOR KIDS EVEN DELIVER WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS?

Most parents today realize that many of the childrens’ vitamins on the market, especially those designed as sugar-filled gummies, can include harmful dyes, unnecessary preservatives, and added sugar (often five grams of added sugar in one serving.)

Additionally, when tested by third parties, many of those gummy vitamins were found to have concerning levels of nutrients, often not matching what’s listed in their nutritional labels.

The takeaway is the first step to being a health-conscious parent is to check your nutrition very carefully.

So assuming you chose a vitamin without added sugar and junk, here’s how you can determine if your child even needs a multi in the first place:

Does your child eat one or more processed foods per day

Whether it’s candy, fast food, sugary snacks, or carbonated drinks, we know kids love to get their hands on something processed.

Yet experts now warn that  PROCESSED FOODS MAY RETRACT ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS FROM YOUR CHILD’S SYSTEM. Nourishment replenishment is something a quality multivitamin can help with.

Hiya children’s multivitamins, for example, are supercharged with 15 essentials (minerals and vitamins) and include a blend of 12 organic fruits and veggies.

And while many children’s vitamins offset the potential benefits with five grams of added sugar, Hiya is sweetened naturally with zero added sugar. As a result, kids get a variety of nutrients without the sugar rush and the potential for cavities, which is why so many parents trust Hiya over sugar-filled gummy vitamins.

Reading the nutritional labels is an important step in deciding which multivitamin is the best for your child

Does your child eat five servings of fruits and vegetables?

Let’s start with a simple stat – it’s recommended that a child eats AT LEAST 5 SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PER DAY. Those servings should include leafy green vegetables and vary in type.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) says that the “Fruit and vegetable intake (among children) is still too low” meaning most kids aren’t eating the necessary amount. And those who eat fruits and veggies regularly run the risk of eating the same ones, again and again, resulting in a limited variety of nutrients.

If getting your child to eat their broccoli, carrots, or spinach has turned into a daily struggle, or they’ll only eat just one or two regularly, you are more likely to need a high-quality multivitamin to make sure that your fussy eater doesn’t miss essential vitamins and minerals.

Does your child have dietary restrictions or allergies?

More parents than ever are raising their children in a household that’s vegan, vegetarian, or specialized in another way. Separately, many children have allergies or sensitivities to one of the major eight categories of allergens.

The impact is even if you’re thoughtful about your child’s diet, as a best practice, you may want to HELP THEM ADDRESS ANY DEFICIENCIES THEY MIGHT HAVE BECAUSE OF THEIR DIET.


As an ideal vitamin for kids, while many vitamins hit on a few of these, on Hiya’s site, it is specified that it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO while also being free from the top major allergens and manufactured in an entirely peanut-free facility that follows all cGMP best practices.

This way, your child can maintain the lifestyle choices in your household without worry or doubt about whether they’re getting proper nutrition or not, giving parents the peace of mind they’re looking for.

Does your child have a known (or unknown) deficiency?

If your little one has a known condition that affects how their body absorbs nutrients, then this question is easier.

The challenge is many kids have not conducted detailed blood tests or exams to know if they have an unknown deficiency. And often parents don’t realize their children have a deficiency before a problem arises. To help fill in the gaps, a multivitamin supplement can be a powerful solution.

Kids who live with a variety of deficiencies can be at risk for not getting enough. At the same time, studies show that a majority of kids may be deficient in Vitamin D (and not even realize the situation).

For these cases, a high-quality children’s multivitamin is an option that can help improve their vitamin and mineral intake. You’ll want to consult a pediatrician to figure out what’s right for your child.


It’s always good to consult a pediatrician to figure out what’s right for your child. While many vitamins exist on the market, there’s a reason so many parents have switched to Hiya as an ideal solution.

We recommend hiya children’s multivitamin since it’s made with zero added sugar and zero gummy junk. While many children’s vitamins require up to five per day, Hiya’s nutrients are packed into one daily vitamin.

Our recommended children’s multivitamin

Hiya is a chewable formulated by pediatricians for kids, made with high-quality ingredients. Not only is Hiya supercharged with 15 essential vitamins and minerals yet Hiya also includes a blend of 12 organic fruits and veggies. This kind of vitamin you’d find includes a blend from healthy stuff like beets, apples, and blueberries… not processed cane sugar and other gummy additives that are so bad for your kids.

Will Kids Actually Eat Them?

Thankfully, the folks at Hiya realized that monk fruit is a delicious, fruity “sugar replacement” (not substitute) that gives their vitamin a fresh and delicious flavor that kids actually enjoy eating. It tastes natural… like the ingredients inside.

Plus Hiya includes a refillable glass bottle sent with stickers for experience kids love, so it’s fun for kids and parents too.


Hiya has a SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEAL going on right now, you can GET 50% OFF your first order if you order online using the link below. We can’t guarantee this discount will be available for long, but we’ll update this section if it stops.

The orders are easy-to-start, easy-to-cancel as part of their monthly delivery, which includes a free and easy cancellation and the ability to control your delivery date.

Your first month you receive a 30-day supply of fresh vitamins and a refillable glass bottle designed to be personalized with stickers they send, so your kids get excited about their vitamins. Then each month after, Hiya sends you a refill pouch to fill up your bottle with fre,sh vitamins without ever having to run out — so it’s not just good for you but also good for the environment.

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“My 5 year old loves them and asks for them every morning! I feel good about it being organic and I love that the refills are eco-friendly. It’s also really nice that she only has to take 1/day.” – Mandi B.


“I am a firm believer in supplements (vitamins) so when my daughter started to get a little picky with her food I decided it was time to find a kids vitamin for her. I have bought a few brands of vitamins and with each one I noticed how it seemed as if she just ate a bowl full of candy. She was bouncing off the walls and she became moody. So after I noticed this, I just decided to stop giving her a daily vitamin. When I first saw an ad for Hiya, I was really excited that it was made with Whole Foods and no added sugars and I had to try it. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I am completely in love with the brand, as is my daughter. Every morning she is just so excited to eat her vitamin for the day and she is NOT bouncing off the walls!!! I also have a peace of mind knowing she is getting her essential vitamins to keep her healthy-especially during these times.” – Amanda K.


“So glad these are as kid pleasing as advertised. I was very skeptical that my kids would go for these but they totally love them! I’m so happy to give them a single chewable that still has all the forms of vitamins that I prefer for them. Plus they were SO EXCITED about the special yellow bottles and the stickers to decorate them.” – Grace M.


“First of all, having children with allergies, creates a struggle in finding food and supplements that are safe. Until Hiya, I could not find a multivitamin that my son could take! Not only do I love the ingredients but my children actually Ask me to take their vitamins everyday! I am so glad they do NOT contain HFCS, Sorbitol, Xylitol or added fructose. Thank you Hiya!!!” – Rebekah B.


“My kids absolutely love these- they were a huge hit right off the bat with them being able to decorate their bottles. I am pleased they don’t have artificial ingredients or sugars and dyes and they are thrilled that they get stickers and yummy vitamins. Win, win :)” – Jessica D.

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