Friday, October 15, 2021

Do You Children Even Lift? They Should And Here’s Why

Physical activity is important for a child’s development into a strong and healthy adult. It is especially true for any young athletes who want to develop healthier bodies and move up the ranks. Playing outside is a good way for kids to get the exercise they need, but children lifting weights works, too.

It is an overlooked method, but starting strength training at a young age has many health and lifestyle benefits that can follow a child into adulthood. The idea repels some parents because of rumors that lifting weights will stunt a child’s growth, but this is unfounded.

How It’s Done

Starting children on a proper strength training regimen only leads to net positive outcomes for their physical and mental well-being.

Children lifting weights is less about the weights than about learning how to use these tools correctly. Well-executed strength training for kids teaches them about resistance and the proper form for each exercise type. They can use resistance to develop their overall motor skills and athleticism, which gives them an edge in any physical activity they decide to pursue at school or club level.

From there, the child can gradually move on to training with weights, under careful supervision. If you wondered at what age a child could do this training and whether it’s safe, you’ll be pleased to know that the exercises are low-risk and handled easily by children as young as seven (with minimal adjustments).

Benefits of Strength Training

Children reap the benefits of early strength training in several areas of their lives. There are the physical benefits granting better coordination, stamina, strength, and commitment, but it also gives them an edge in any physical activity. The mental benefits are equally helpful, encouraging children to feel good about themselves and their bodies from an early age.

Perhaps, children lifting weights isn’t such a far-out concept after all.

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