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In a recently published article, written by the Southlake Dentistry dental professionals, they refer to children’s gummy vitamins as a “High Sugar Content” product and raise a serious concern: “ARE YOUR GUMMY VITAMINS CONTRIBUTING TO CAVITIES IN KIDS?”

According to the findings, in an effort to turn bitter vitamins into something fun, delicious, and appealing for children, the makers of children’s gummy vitamins have sacrificed dental health, among other potential health concerns.

“How do companies trick kids and parents to buy their gummy vitamins?” – The answer is simple: LOTS AND LOTS OF SUGAR.”

How Sugar, Gelatin, and Citric Acid Are Hurting Your Child’s Teeth

According to dental professionals, parents may want to avoid children’s gummy vitamins for three main reasons:

1. Gummies leave a high amount of sugar on the teeth. Unfortunately, a typical gummy vitamin can include five grams of sugar, which according to the AHA is ~25% the daily maximum kids should ever eat in a day. That sugar is then consumed by mouth bacteria that converts sugar into acid, resulting in the potential for serious destruction to children’s enamel.

And since that enamel is the tooth’s protector, once it’s damaged, the tooth is more susceptible to cavities or rot, especially with younger kids.

2. The Citric Acid – even if you’re careful about your levels of sugar, there’s another problematic ingredient that gives many nutritional supplements their taste – Citric Acid.

Even though Citric Acid can be also resourced naturally through citrus fruits, unfortunately, it’s still an acid that can cause tooth enamel to dissolve, potentially resulting in increased cavities. And unfortunately citric acid is common in most gummy vitamins.

3. Gelatin & Pectin. Children’s gummy vitamins require a sticky substance like gelatin or pectin to hold them together, and that stickiness can be a serious dental issue.

Parents might think their impact on children’s teeth is minimal because you only give them a few a day yet the experts explain why it might be worse than you think – “…THE STICKY CONSISTENCY OF THE GUMMIES CAN LEAVE RESIDUE ON YOUR TEETH THAT LAST FOR HOURS… the sugar and acid from gummy candy or vitamins tend to hang around.” And the problem is worse because even the most thorough kids often struggle to brush as an adult would, so the sticky substance often sticks around.

The New Sugar-Free Option For Childrens’ Vitamins

Luckily, there are better alternatives out there, especially in non-gummy form. The brand we recommend checking is Hiya.

Hiya’s is a chewable ( not a gummy), formulated by pediatricians for kids and made with high-quality ingredients, including a blend of 12 organic fruits and veggies and 15 essential vitamins and minerals each individually selected for optimal nutrition.

Kids love them because they are naturally sweetened with monk fruit – a fruity “sugar replacement” (not substitute) that gives their vitamin a delicious and natural flavor as well as a touch of mannitol, a sweetener found naturally in pumpkins and strawberries.

And while many children’s vitamins are filled with junk, added sugar (5 grams!!!), and unnecessary preservatives, Hiya includes zero added sugar. As a result, kids get a variety of nutrients without the sugar rush and the high potential for cavities, which is why we, like so many parents out there, trust Hiya over many sugar-filled gummy brands.

When choosing your childrens’ vitamins, make to check the nutritional label. Here below, you can see Hiya’s nutritional label and understand why we support them as a good alternative for gummy vitamins –

Again notice the blend of organic fruits and veggies and the collection of vitamins in their selected forms in amounts specifically chosen based on common deficiencies and diets.

And while you can’t see from the label, one additional plus is that Hiya includes a refillable bottle sent with stickers so kids can decorate and personalize their own bottle, followed by eco-friendly refills, so it’s fun for kids, loved by parents, and good for the environment.


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The orders are easy-to-start, easy-to-cancel as part of their monthly delivery, including a free and easy cancellation and the ability to control your delivery date.

Your first month, you receive a 30-day supply of fresh vitamins and a refillable glass bottle designed to be personalized with stickers they send, so your kids get excited about their vitamins. Then each month after, Hiya sends you a refill pouch to fill up your bottle with fresh vitamins without ever having to run out.

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“My 5 year old loves them and asks for them every morning! I feel good about it being organic and I love that the refills are eco-friendly. It’s also really nice that she only has to take 1/day.” – Mandi B.


“I am a firm believer in supplements (vitamins) so when my daughter started to get a little picky with her food I decided it was time to find a kids vitamin for her. I have bought a few brands of vitamins and with each one I noticed how it seemed as if she just ate a bowl full of candy. She was bouncing off the walls and she became moody. So after I noticed this, I just decided to stop giving her a daily vitamin. When I first saw an ad for Hiya, I was really excited that it was made with Whole Foods and no added sugars and I had to try it. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I am completely in love with the brand, as is my daughter. Every morning she is just so excited to eat her vitamin for the day and she is NOT bouncing off the walls!!! I also have a peace of mind knowing she is getting her essential vitamins to keep her healthy-especially during these times.” – Amanda K.


“So glad these are as kid pleasing as advertised. I was very skeptical that my kids would go for these but they totally love them! I’m so happy to give them a single chewable that still has all the forms of vitamins that I prefer for them. Plus they were SO EXCITED about the special yellow bottles and the stickers to decorate them.” – Grace M.


“First of all, having children with allergies, creates a struggle in finding food and supplements that are safe. Until Hiya, I could not find a multivitamin that my son could take! Not only do I love the ingredients but my children actually Ask me to take their vitamins everyday! I am so glad they do NOT contain HFCS, Sorbitol, Xylitol or added fructose. Thank you Hiya!!!” – Rebekah B.


“My kids absolutely love these- they were a huge hit right off the bat with them being able to decorate their bottles. I am pleased they don’t have artificial ingredients or sugars and dyes and they are thrilled that they get stickers and yummy vitamins. Win, win :)” – Jessica D.

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