Sunday, August 14, 2022
Sunday, August 14, 2022


Cleveland Clinic: Why Gummy Vitamins Might Do More Harm Than Good

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Gummy vitamins have long been a topic of debate among parents. Since most kids can’t yet swallow a vitamin capsule, millions of parents have turned to gummy vitamins in an effort to give their kids the nutrients they need.

However, in a detailed article by The Cleveland Clinic, one of the country’s leading non-profit medical centers, Neha Vyas, MD, breaks down how gummy vitamins may have serious implications on children’s health.

According to Dr. Vyas, gummy vitamins have been shown to have fewer vitamins and minerals than alternatives like chewable or liquid vitamins. 

And what’s even more concerning for parents—because gummy vitamins become less potent with time and are notoriously unstable at holding vitamin levels, many manufacturers actually spray vitamins onto the outside of their gummies to reach passable levels. “Even if the label says it has a certain amount of vitamins, in reality, you’re probably not getting what’s on the label,” Dr. Vyas warns.

What’s worse, since so many children’s vitamins are coated with added sugar, these seemingly harmless gummies actually can pose a threat to your child’s health.

According to the American Heart Association children under two should consume zero added sugar while older children should consume a maximum of 25 grams of added sugar per day. Yet a gummy vitamin can include up to 8 grams of added sugar per serving, which is a shockingly high amount for a health product. “You’re pretty much taking a sugar pill… it’s like candy.” Dr. Vyas explains.

Taking gummy vitamins can have serious implications on your child’s dental health, too. Since gummy vitamins are packed with sugar and citric acid along with sticky gelatin, it can easily get stuck in your child’s teeth, unfortunately leading to more cavities, weakened enamel, and more visits to the dentist.

Is there a better way to give children the vitamins they need?

Since a standard vitamin pill may be dangerous for your child to swallow, many experts now recommend a chewable daily vitamin like hiya.

Hiya is a chewable multivitamin for kids, formulated by experts. It is supercharged with 15 essential vitamins, each individually selected to support children’s development, immunity, cognition, concentration, and more.*

Compared to its competitors, Hiya wins across all 5 of our judged categories:

Full body nourishment with just 1 tablet a day

Hiya is naturally sweetened with no added sugar, limiting the potential risk of cavities. Hiya doesn’t use potentially harmful ingredients like gummy gelatin, pectin, or unnecessary preservatives.

Sweetened naturally with monk fruit and mannitol rather than sugar, Hiya provides that same delicious taste that children crave, without the added junk.

The wellness brand is founded by two dads who spent years cultivating a healthy alternative to kids’ gummy vitamins to help their own kids. Bringing together a team of pediatricians and nutritionists, they formulated a better vitamin that is eco-friendly, sugar-free, and vegan.

Unlike many traditional gummy vitamins known to be notoriously unstable, Hiya’s chewables come complete with all the ingredients listed on their label, including an added blend of organic fruits and veggies. Take a look for yourself:

Hiya is so child-friendly, they arrive with a refillable bottle that includes stickers for your kid to decorate and personalize their own bottle followed by vitamins refills to pour into the bottle, which helps promote healthy habits while limiting plastic waste. Our team strongly recommends Hiya over any other children’s vitamin. 

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“My two year old daughter absolutely loves these vitamins. We’ve had trouble finding one that she will eat. She loved the bottle and stickers to decorate! Great product!” – Kelly W.


“I am a firm believer in supplements (vitamins) so when my daughter started to get a little picky with her food I decided it was time to find a kids vitamin for her. I have bought a few brands of vitamins and with each one I noticed how it seemed as if she just ate a bowl full of candy. She was bouncing off the walls and she became moody. So after I noticed this, I just decided to stop giving her a daily vitamin. When I first saw an ad for Hiya, I was really excited that it was made with no added sugars. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I am completely in love with the brand, as is my daughter. Every morning she is just so excited to eat her vitamin for the day and she is NOT bouncing off the walls!!! I also have a peace of mind knowing she is getting her essential vitamins to keep her healthy-especially during these times.” – Amanda K.


“My 5 year old loves them and asks for them every morning! I feel good about the fruit and veggie blend and I love that the refills limit plastic waste. It’s also really nice that she only has to take 1/day.” – Mandi B.


“My son LOVES Hiya. As soon as he started decorating his own bottle, he was hooked, making my life just a bit easier. Thank you for all you’re doing!” – Lauren D.


“So glad these are as kid pleasing as advertised. I was very skeptical that my kids would go for these but they totally love them! I’m so happy to give them a single chewable that still has all the forms of vitamins that I prefer for them. Plus they were SO EXCITED about the special yellow bottles and the stickers to decorate them.” – Grace M.

*The FDA plays a specific role in regulating nutraceuticals and for all companies requires the following disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.