Friday, May 13, 2022


Children’s Food Is Less Nutritious Than It Once Was – Here’s Why

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One of the hardest parts of raising a child is controlling your child’s diet.  At least for me, getting my son to reduce sweets in favor of fruits and vegetables always felt like mission impossible.

And that was before I found out the disturbing truth about today’s food network. According to the BBC (and numerous other studies), due to changes in farming techniques, the fruits and veggies we give our kids have decreased dramatically in terms of nutritional value. They cite a U.S. study demonstrating that vital nutrients in today’s crops are 38% lower than they were at the middle of the 20th Century.

In simple terms, what that means is when we give our kids spinach and carrots and broccoli, they’re not getting what we’d expect. Rather, our food is packed with fewer nutrients and more calories, and our kids are suffering the consequences.  In other words, it’s hard enough to get our kids to eat fruits and veggies, yet it turns out even if they’re eating what is suggested, the nutritional value is far lower than when we were kids.

To be more specific, as a result of pesticides and chemicals, kids need to eat eight oranges to get as much Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium as the same orange from 1980.  Kid needs to eat double the broccoli to get the same zinc and magnesium. And that same pattern exists across practically every food you can imagine.

I couldn’t believe it. Even if I could get my son to eat the foods I wanted , it still wouldn’t be enough – he would still be missing the nutrients I was expecting. 

I knew I needed to do something, for him and for me. So, I started looking into kids’ vitamins to provide the missing nutrients.

My research made me realize I wasn’t alone. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I was overwhelmed by the number of vitamins on the market and amazed by how many parents there were who held the same level of concern that I did. But with so many choices, trying to find the right vitamin for my son became almost as difficult as controlling his diet.

I started giving him a major brand vitamin every night before bed, hoping I chose the right one.  Turns out, I was wrong! When I brought him to the dentist, she told me that the sugar-filled gummies were getting stuck in his teeth, which led to cavities! Plus, the vitamins themselves apparently were awful at holding nutrients because gummies are more candy than vitamins.

Nothing seemed to work, and I felt like I was failing my child. So I reached out to his pediatrician for help.

I was absolutely SHOCKED when he told me that most kids’ vitamins are known to exacerbate the nutritional deficiencies they’re supposed to solve. They’re filled with the worst ingredient of all- SUGAR, along with other weird preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic junk used to make gummy candy. And unfortunately, all those additives are known to offset the potential benefits of the nutrients kids are missing.

That’s why he recommended Hiya to me, a sugar-free kids’ vitamin that was created by two dads with the help of a group of top pediatricians, nutritionists, and scientists who were all equally disturbed by what they saw in popular kids vitamins. 

"Hiya gives my patients the nutrients they need without the sugar and junk."
Dr. Monica Madan

Hiya is designed specifically for kids and is formulated with 15 essential vitamins and minerals known to support growth, development concentration and more. And when I studied the ingredients, I could see the ingredients I had been missing – that means Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, zinc, and ten more – each in optimal amounts and bioavailable forms to help fill in the gaps I had learned about.

Hiya also includes a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables, including many of those same fruits and veggies I had been struggling with, from broccoli to spinach to apples. You can see more about the ingredients and fruit and veggie blend here

And guess what? My son LOVES them. It’s naturally sweetened to keep the same taste that kids love without the artificial sugars like glucose, sucrose, and gelatin. Even more important, Hiya is made without dairy, gluten, or GMOs so kids with allergies can reap the benefits too.

Getting my son to eat foods that we’re good for him used to be a constant struggle, but now I don’t have to ask twice to get him to take his Hiya vitamin every day. I can’t begin to explain the relief I feel knowing that no matter what my son decides to eat, he’s still getting the nutrition he needs with Hiya. 

Perhaps the best part about discovering Hiya was how simple it made nutrition for me. I did everything I could to become an expert on my kid’s nutrition, but still ended up feeling confused. Now, my order gets refilled each month with a 30-day supply as part of Hiya’s pediatrician-recommended schedule. Right now, you can get the peace of mind I have by starting your Hiya subscription with 50% off your first order. Trust me when I say you and your kid will be thankful!